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Where Humans and Machines Interact

In displays of embedded devices.

Choose the perfect HMI tool for your project

Powerful software & toolkits – for your embedded HMI In 3 easy steps:

1. Design your GUI with your favorite graphics program

Candera’s HMI tools are perfect for creating individual Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) in any industry. Simply use the graphics tool of your choice. Candera’s AI-assisted Smart Importer will help you to automatically add function.

2. Bring your design to life

No programming skills necessary: Just create your HMI with Candera. From easy Drag & Drop to sophisticated safety functions, automated workflows, integrated state machines and advanced graphical effects – ideal for rapid prototyping.

3. Easy integration on any embedded device

Candera supports a wide range of well-known platforms and software. It is easy to implement on any embedded device.
For a faster time to market.

Choose the perfect HMI tool for your project

Safety first: Medical Demos​

At Embedded World, Candera’s team showcase their abilities by presenting advanced Human Machine Interfaces for medical devices that prioritize precision, safety, and user-friendliness – for mission-critical HMIs.

Presenting the whole range of CGI Studio: From HMIs for Medical Devices to High-Performance Automotive HMIs.

Based on innovative AI-detection technologies, Candera’s Smart Importer speeds up the whole HMI creation process. While other HMI design tools require the user to import each single element and add functionality to them one after another, Candera’s Smart Importer will do a direct import of a design file and enrich it with functionality automatically.

Users can import graphics files from Adobe Photoshop®, Sketch, Axure RP, Figma or Adobe XD into CGI Studio. Relevant components like gauges, sliders, buttons, and many more are automatically detected, and the most probable functionality can be added to each element.

candera's studio smart importer

Candera’s award-winning Smart Importer now imports graphics also from Figma.

Figma import directly from the cloud in CGI Studio 3.12

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